It all began in a small workshop in the middle of corn fields, in beautiful southern Styria.

Four guys with the dream of combining their passion for surfing with a craft. But since the materials from which surfboards are made deter rather than motivate, and the proximity to the sea is missing, we were looking for alternatives. The Woaz Board is born.

A Woaz board is a balance board with rocker, that is lovingly handcrafted from local woods. The different shapes of the boards allow a wide riding experience for every style. Simple and practical in the living room, or in the great outdoors. The rails, i.e. the edges of the board, are smoothly worked out, like on their big role models, the surfboards. They therefore offer both a perfect feel and a harmonious look. Since the environment in which we woaz in is important to us, our boards get by without unnecessary plastic. We only use local veneers for our Woaz boards, which get their indelible character with various finishes. Surf feeling, balance training and the mini ramp for your own four walls. 100% regional and made from renewable materials.