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It all began in a small workshop in the middle of corn fields, in beautiful southern Styria.

Four guys with the dream of combining their passion for surfing with a craft. But since the materials from which surfboards are made deter rather than motivate, and the proximity to the sea is missing, we were looking for alternatives. The Woaz Board is born.


A Woaz board is a high-quality balance board which we produce by hand in Austria. Only local woods are in use for this, on the one hand to keep transport distances as short as possible and on the other hand to be able to offer the best quality. Balance boards are wooden planks that are used to balance on a roller and thus train balance.


Because we are passionate surfers, skiers, snowboarders and skaters, we have put all our passion and experience into our Woaz boards. The result is a balance board that is second to none. it is a board for everyone. Beginner or advanced, old or young, sporty or not, nobody is excluded! 


Unique to our boards is its bend which we call rocker. We tried a lot and experimented with a wide variety of radii until we finally found the perfect middle ground. Our rocker has an even curve and thus ensures a smooth and round ride. In addition, it also provides more grip on the board, which plays a major role in ollies or other skate tricks. Similar to the curve of the revolutionary carving skis, a balance board with rocker allows you to move on the board in a completely new way. 


Since the environment in which we woaz in is important to us, our boards get by without unnecessary plastic. We only use local veneers for our Woaz Boards, which get their indelible character with various finishes. Surf feeling, balance training and the mini ramp for your own four walls. 100% regional and made from renewable materials.

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