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Testimonials from our friends

"I like doing it so much because you can surf the Woazboard like the sea. It feels good to stand on the Woazboard. For hours!"

Pro Woazerin
Laura for WOAZ 2.jpeg
Laura Feller
Surf Enthusiast & Founder of 'Always On The Move'

"My Woazboard is my substitute for the surfboard whenever I'm 'landlocked' in Austria.  As a freelance illustrator, I work a lot from home at my desk and my 'cigar' in the living room is always the perfect excuse for it to take a short break ;-) 

I think it's not only fun, but you also clear your head in no time, because all motor skills are required of the body and you can always learn something new on the board."

"Woazboards are a great alternative to maintain boardsport skills at home and to

improve. Since the products are also "handmade", the experience is all the cooler."

Adrian Krainer
professional snowboarder,  mountain biker, director of the Krainer sports school
Victor Decroos
Co-founder of the surf experience "Wavemate"

"The Woazboards are a perfect fit for the WaveMate surf experiences, as they combine the art of balance with a beautiful handmade product. 

It's an art you can keep on pushing, as you can keep challenging yourself to new moves.

Once you master the basics, that's when the fun begins and you're able to explore the next level of balance boarding.

As with surfing, this sport requires 100% concentration and as a result is a perfect break in a busy day!"

“As a yoga teacher and passionate amateur surfer, I live from surf trip to surf trip. In order to be optimally prepared for the next perfect wave, I practice balance and strength on my Woazboard. When I step on the board between meetings at the home office in Vienna and close my eyes, it feels like I'm in Bali."

Yoga teacher, Founder of "Swell Yoga & Art"
Philip Kirkovits
Kitesurfer, Head of Sales @ "Poniente"

"I met the guys from Woazboard for the first time at the Sörffilm Festival and the positive vibe was immediately noticeable, all 4 guys are super nice and do their work with a passion for surfing, which you can also see in their boards.


More than 10 years ago I tried the first Balance (formerly Indoo) boards. Before that I had a Costa board, but I have to admit that no other board can even come close to the surf feeling of the "Rippal".


Due to the rocker in the longitudinal and transverse axis, it is very comfortable to ride, turns more easily over the roll, has a better center of gravity and thus you can make completely different maneuvers and moves than with conventional balance boards.


The workmanship is also unparalleled. The boards are lovingly shaped by hand, which you can also see in the finish. You don't just have a balance board in your hand, you have a real work of art. 


The environmentally friendly packaging alone, the business cards and the product description of the boards are unique.


I can only recommend anyone who wants something unique to get a Woazboard. The fun factor definitely lasts much longer than with any 0815 board."

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