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What does it even mean and what is it all about? The rocker, i.e. the bending of the board, opens up new possibilities of what is possible on a balance board and literally tops off the riding experience. But how is it actually made? After we have cut the veneers, made from local wood, to their appropriate length, they are sorted and put together to form a “blank”. You can think of it as a rectangular wooden board made up of several layers, just waiting to be shaped. We then glue these layers together by hand and place them in our press. This manual, 2 ton veneer-press has become the heart of our small, cozy workshop. As soon as all blanks are on their form, the press is closed, which requires a lot of muscle power. Here, too, we do not use any energy, except our own ;) When the glue hardens, the wood retains exactly this shape. After a day, our blanks are taken out of the press and then rest for a week. But our boards are not the only ones that deserve a short break after days like this ;)

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