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Sörf Film Fest

The first tour-stops of the Sörf Film Fest are history. A roadtrip to 3 of the most beautiful lakes in Austria.

On Thursday we started our tour in Lunz am See. It was raining again and again, which didn't invite to go swimming, but wrapped the whole lake and the surrounding mountains in a mystical cloud cover. All in all, a successful tour start with lots of smiles and great films. The next day the journey continued to Attersee, where we stop for two days. Here we were a lot luckier with the weather, which lifted the mood even more. A fantastic concert by Little Element started the event at sunset. During the breaks many people tried our boards, and especially the kids didn't want to get off them at all. The next day we continued to Carinthia, to the beautiful Ossiacher See. Here, too, a very cozy village is being set up with a few campers from the exhibitors. Unexpectedly, the weather played along perfectly, and it turned out to be a great evening with lots of good music and good films.

We are already looking forward to our next stopps:

- 12. Aug. - Schlanders (IT)

- 13. Aug. - Airport Reef Innsbrooklyn

- 14. Aug. - Segelschule Mondsee

- 15. Aug. - Wien, Neue Donau

- 26. Aug. - Bregenz

For more infos and tickets:

All pics by Miriam Joanna -

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