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Cork roll
  • Cork roll




    - 100% cork

    - 2 different sizes

    - Also suitable as a fascia roll


    In order to be able to use your Woaz Board, the role you move it on is essential. All our sets contain a roll, which is made of 100% cork. But here too, you have the decision, whether you prefer the larger one, with a diameter of 15cm, or the smaller one, with a diameter of 10cm.


    Basically, we always recommend the larger role, as this gives more space for tricks and thus offers a little more fun. Especially the longer boards like Cigar and Rippal definitely feel more comfortable on the larger roll.


    With the shorter boards, however, the larger role takes a little more courage to overcome than the smaller one. Your stands are higher and you need more momentum to get up. However you will quickly get used to the conditions and surely learn to love the surfy feeling.

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