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Thanks for all your support and positive feedback. 

We decided to extend the PRE-SALE. 


Your Woaz Board

Probably the most important thing about every board: which shape suits me?

Our balance boards are available in four different shapes, so the decision can´t always be easy. Here you can find out which shape suits you best!

Fine tuning

Style matters

Each of our shapes is available in different woods or finishes

Safe travels!

Every single Woazboard is shaped with lots of love; of course we don´t change that when it comes to packaging. 

Like in our production itself, we also try not to use any single-use-plastic in our packaging.

New in!

Gift vouchers

if you are still looking for a present for your loved ones, a Woazboard gift voucher is always a good idea!

As we can´t ship incoming orders in time before Christmas, check out our vouchers! 



one Woaz at a time

We give great importance to the shapes of our

Woaz boards. We are constantly developing new shapes and lovingly handcrafting them from local woods.

What else is going on with us

In order  to see what we are currently working on and what is in store for you in the near future, have a look here:

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